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Pre-Shredding Autoclaves

We provide Vertisa Preshedding Autoclaves.
Benefits: Waste is shredded before being sterilized and also its a completely automated system.
Current Product inlclude:
P50    =20kg/H
P100    = 35kg/H
P150    =55kg/H
P300    =100kg/H
P500    = 150kg/H
P1000    =250kg/H
P2000    =450kg/H


Post-Shredding Autoclaves

We provide Vertisa Post-shedding Autoclaves.
Benefits: Suitable for high volume waste and also its a completely automated system.
Current Product inlclude:
A75     =75kg/H
A150   = 150kg/H
A300   = 300kg/H
A500   =500kg/H
P1000 = 1000kg/H


Waste Shredders

We provide dual shaft (Four shaft) shredders capable of shredding all kinds of waste. The shredder has a PLC System, changes rotation due to the anti-blocking system capable to prevent the blades from getting jammed


Mobile Waste Sterilizers

We provide state of the Art Vertiza Mobile Waste Sterilizers.
Benefits: Convinient in High Traffic Cities and Sparsely Populated areas where centralized system of waste management cannot function


Waste Transportation Vessels

We provide Vertisa Customized Medical Waste Transportation Vessels are recommended by the World Health Organization and the World Bank.

Our Transportation vessels include;
1. Trucks
2. Vans


Waste Commodities and Supplies

Niko Green Waste offers a variety of supplies and commodities designed for proper medical waste handling. Our compliant products are available for large or small volume waste generators to safely dispose of the generated medical waste. Our offerings include:

1. Waste Segregation Bin Liners
2. Sharps Containers and Boxes.
3. Waste Collection Bins
4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Kitchen Waste Compost System

It increases the efficiency of the process by ensuring faster disintegration of waste when fresh wastes get involved and come in contact with already damaged wastes. The Compost Machine is designed with a long stand that allows you to fill the device without bending easily. It is very easy to discharge. It is done by placing a wheeled barrel, plastic container or an automatic bagging device underneath.
Advantages include:
1.Suitable for densely populated areas with its unique Bio-filter..
2.Achieve savings from the costs of transport, collection of the food wastes.


Steam Boilers

We provide state of the art Vertisa Steam Boilers. Our Steam Boilers are highly efficient, fully cylindrical 3 PASS Scotch-type with high water capacity in order to meet sudden steam injections. Our steam boilers are highly preferred in the steam production industry due to their ease of maintenance and high efficiency.

All designs and manufacturing are in accordance with CE & DIN EN norms